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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  January 26, 2010 9:00am-9:30am EST

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another deadly accident. two metro workers are killed while working on the system's red line. economic recovery part ii. the president and his financial advisers take another shot at trying to fix the american economy. public hearing, parents, teachers and concerned residents speak out about a number of cuts to one local school system. good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is tuesday, january 26th. forget the 60s of yesterday and maybe break out the snow shovels. here's howard bernstein with the forecast. >> we are running 25 degrees colder than this time yesterday and you notice on doppler hd we have a couple of echos north and west. we have the blue and pinks here but it is cold enough that what we are seeing is wet
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snowflakes. just north of 70 for the most part from westminster, woods borrow to emmittsburg, as well. could be a couple of wet snowflakes mixing in. with temperatures above freezing not a problem. as we head to winchester, out 7 to 340 from weatherryville to charlestown. west of purcellville here. and 50 to winchester a few snow showers are in the air. look at temperatures. i will tell you why i'm not concerned. above freezing. 37 winchester. 38 hagerstown. 37 frederick. if something is falling out there it is likely melting on contact. we are at 39 now with the warm spot being cambridge at 41 and wind chills low to mid-30s. we have a storm system out west and for us the snow showers will be mainly in the mountains with high temperatures in the mid-40s. it's 91. angie goff has a lot to tell you about. we are looking at the traffic and roads and what is going on, as well. we want to begin with a metro
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alert. the rockville and shady grove stations have been closed all morning due to the fatal accident. there is service between glenmont and twinbrook but then again no red line service between rockville and shady grove. if you are taking marc trains continue to ride the brunswick line in to dc. that will help things, as well. outside we open the door and show you it is affecting traffic on 355, as well. we are losing the right lane here at mannakee as crews investigate. the southbound trip is starting to fill out. we will switch the shot over and take you to wheaton, maryland, georgia avenue and plyersmil. crews are working the incident yesterday. the manhole cover that blew off. they are trying to clean that up. an accident on the shoulder of 202. looks like everything is cleared now but the delays of
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the crash activity. back to andrea. we begin with a developing story. another deadly accident on the red line. this one in rockville, maryland. two workers were killed while working the tracks north of the rockville metro station near downtown rockville. it happened 1:45 this morning. 9 news now's kristin fisher is live from the scene. what's the latest? >> well, ntsb investigators have been on the scene for two and a half hours now. you can see they are on the tracks with the vehicle that actually caused the accident and they are trying to figure out how this deadly accident took place. >> our hearts go out to the families of the individuals who passed today. it is a very sad day for us all. >> reporter: they were struck by a maintenance vehicle on the the tracks. >> they were working with a piece of equipment called a high rail vehicle, which is a
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large truck something very awful went wrong and they were truck struck by this vehicle. >> reporter: a 48-year-old man was killed instantly. a 68-year-old man later died at a local hospital. ntsb is investigating the accident that closed the shady grove and rockville metro stations in the middle of tuesday morning rush hour. >> the odds that you are going to get to work this morning late are pretty good if you are traveling from the shady grove area. >> reporter: now the shady grove and rockville stations are still closed. if you plan to take the red line inbound, the best bet is to bypass those stations all together and hop on at the twinbrook station. however, there are free shuttle buses moving metro riders from the shady grove to the twinbrook station but that is causing some long lines this morning. so there are some other alternatives if you are heading in to dc from further out in maryland you may want to consider the marc commuter
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train or if you are closer to town don't forget about the metro bus. we are live with the latest at noon. >> it's been a terrible year for metro. there have been three deadly incidents. -- investigators are searching for the cause of a two-alarm house fire in fairfax county. it began 6:30 in the 5600 block of henning avenue. no one was believed to be in the home at the time. crews on the scene did report part of the house collapsed. spending money to make money. they are not calling ate stimulus package but that's the idea behind bob mcdonnell's plan to recruit new jobs to the
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commonwealth. he wants to spend $50 million on job development. 5million to an industrial megasite. $2million for trade offices in china, india and the united kingdom. another $2 million on the governor's motion picture opportunity fund and a good chunk of the funding would come from going after tax cheats. one day after president obama announced a renewed effort to help america's middle class he will reportedly try to freeze part of the budget. the associated press reports the freeze will affect domestic programs and it is part of the president's effort to control the deficit. it will start next year and last until 2014. if approved by congress the freeze would not affect the pentagon, veterans administration, homeland security or foreign aid. chairman ben bernanke and his federal reserve colleagues begin a two-day meeting to estimate the strength of the economic recovery. the fed is expected to keep the rate at a record low near zero.
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dr. bernanke's term expires january 31st and the white house is lobbying hard to have him keep his job for another four years. today a congressional commission is due to issue a report card on terror threats to the united states. this comes days after the airing of a new tape which appears to be from osama bin laden and weeks after the failed christmas day plane bombing. tonight, parents if fair tax county will have another chance to speak out against a series of cuts being made within the school system. last night at jackson middle school in falls church, students, parents and concerned community activists spoke out against the cuts. >> we need to have your support as we ask the board of supervisors to come up with the additional $57.8 million that will help protect the kindergarten, band and strings and additional class size increases. >> reporter: the hearing is scheduled to begin at 6:00 and once again it will be held at jackson middle school. coming up, the story of a woman who's life was turned
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upside down by political changes in her homeland. and a plea is issued to the international community on behalf of haitian earthquake victims. it is 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now.
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now for the latest on the earthquake in haiti. survivors are asking the world for tents. the president of haiti has asked the world to donate 200,000 dents and any ships will be given priority landing
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at the port-au-prince airport. the request comes two weeks since the quake hit. it killed at least 150,000 people. the internationalry leaf effort is now shifting from a rescue mission to a recovery mission. our next guest is preparing for a medical mission in haiti. it will be his fourth trip there. the last time he returned to the u.s. just three days before the quake struck. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> reporter: you were telling me before we started that it is hard to look at the images of what haiti looks like now because you remember what it was like a few weeks ago. talk about what it was like. >> when we left on january 9th, we left a hospital i had gotten to know very well the last with years. i have been there four times it has 78 beds two operating rooms. the mission is empower the haitians to run the hospital and provide for the needs of
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their community. we were operating in an operating room one night. a regular night. i was helping jerry bernard, a wonderful young haitian surgeon. i think he is representative of the 20 haitian physicians at the hospital who are so dedicated. we walked back to the physician's lounge or residences and it was like a walk down a country road. now, this 78-bed hospital has 250 critically injured patients. the two operating rooms are running full time. a delivery room has been converted. the waiting room where patients use to sit is a triage for the operating room. so the hospital all of a sudden has to now meet all of these needs. they have many volunteers. they have medical volunteers, they have nurses, doctors. they have generous donations of medical supplies from phillips, but the situation is
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unimaginable. >> i want to ask you you are a plastic surgeon. how many going in your group and what is the need for plastic surgeons? because we keep hearing amputations, amputations will be the main injury doctors are treating. >> that's true. and initially when a crush wound occurs you can amputate and close the wound but now the wounds have been open for days and most likely infected. you can debris away the dead tissue you are left with many open wounds not only legs but everywhere and one of the things plastic surgeons do is close wounds. >> so that's what your mission is. i'm sorry to rush you. we have less than one minute and i want to get this across. i was looking at a youtube piece from tim trainer saying what in god's name can we do to stop this from being a calamity. this hospital was founded by the crude and foundation. talk to the people out there listening to us. what can we do watching these
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horrible images to help this from being a calamity? >> right now they need funds. you can donate to the foundation, a 501-c3. we need medical volunteers for many months to come. you can sign up through the website. the physical plant has been stretched beyond imagination. at my home away from home this weekend, i saw a flier on the counter for our little hospital. bill hart, general manager of snyders indicated they want to do more to meet the needs of the physical plant. the community is involved. we need help from everyone who can. >> reporter: thank you for your help. we have a link to the foundation on our website at this is an organization order of malta that helps this that i'm involved with and i personally donated to this organization. howard, back to you.
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>> thank you. thank you to the doctor for all that you do. a couple offsprings showing up on doppler and in the mid- 40s today. cooler than yesterday. tomorrow and thursday still in the 40s and could be a flurry on thursday. maybe even a snow shower. for this afternoon, partly sunny, breezy and cooler. we are mostly cloudy right now. mid-40s is all we will make today. westbounds 10 to 15. average shy 42, 43. partly cloudy and cold tonight. 25 to 30 with a west wind at five to ten. tomorrow sunny and chilly with highs in the low 40s. as you can see where we have this piece of energy coming across the mountains. while much of the action is in the mountains, ohio, west virginia, and pennsylvania look at doppler hd. some of that has crossed the mountains in northern maryland and northern virginia. parts of the west virginia panhandle. go up north and show you that i think a lot of this is in the form of wet snowflakes. thurmont to smithsburg to westminster, some snow showers
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there. middletown and meyersville back to williamsport also seeing snowflakes. we will go down 81. in northern virginia, east of winchester, in and around martinsburg to charles town to harpers fer i have to purcellville. if you get a flurry in the next 20 to 30 minutes that wouldn't surprise me. and to the south, flint hill passing front royal and ferryville and amissville a couple of snow showers out there. we are above freezing. not expecting problems. running 35 to 40 with low 40s down south. storm system out here and one in to california. but this one out here is showing colder air moving in. the key for us as we head to the end of the week, more cold air is on the way and potentially a storm that will develop along the gulf coast could make things dicey. 40s through thursday. 30s on friday, 20s on saturday in to sunday. and looking at potentially snow
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and still cold on sunday and monday. >> thank you. our next guest was 11 years old when violence rocked her homeland and turned her life upside down. she ended up in beverly hills, california. she is now out with a new book, life as a visitor and we welcome her to 9 news now. pleasure to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: 11 years old when you left iran, during the height of the violence there but you had written elsewhere in the book that life for you as a youngster in iran was almost like a cocoon. how traumatic was fleeing iran during this turbulent time? >> it was quite traumatic. first of all, i had just turned 11 and it was december, early december of 1978 and i had watched the violence and the outbreak in iran. came to los angeles to visit my two older brothers and our two- week visit ended up becoming a
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31-year stay and my parents were still in milan. so for 5 -- iran. so for five and a half years i wasn't able to see them and most of my growing up as a teenager took place without them. so it was difficult. >> had to be extremely difficult. and what was like in beverly hills? we hear the title down and out in beverly hills. you certainly weren't down and out but you were different in beverly hills. >> it is interesting because i'm an iranian jew. office minority. we were minority in iran and we come to beverly hills, which really a lot of the community is jewish, but yet we felt like a minority because we were middle eastern. and it was the height of the hostage crisis so there was a lot of shame in being who we were. i grew up with the bionic women and all the, marie osmond and all of the shows that i used to watch in iran and then i would run in to them. you know, at the grocery store,
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at the restaurants. so it was quite surreal at the same time. it also makes you feel very guilty because i knew my parents were snuck the iran- iraq war and we were in a place that was safe and quite beautiful. >> reporter: we are running out of time and read you wrote the books for your sons. what did you want them to know? >> my sons are blessed to have been born here and all they have really known is a sense of security. and i really wanted -- >> the cocoon you once had. >> exactly. and i wanted them to gain a better appreciation of what their grand parents and parents came to get here and i think the immigrant story is always a compelling story and it gives hope to everybody and if my kids know where their roots are, they have a better appreciation of where they came from. >> and you no longer feel like a visitor. >> i don't. luckily. but i would love to visit iran
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sometime. >> thank you for being with us. the book is called "life as a visitor. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. think small even if you are expecting a large crowd for dinner you can think small. glen babcock is the executive chef and co-owner of the nagg restaurant in scott circle near
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dupont circle, he tells me. he's here to explain. welcome. >> think small what do you mean? >> think small. keep it lively and do a smaller plate. little more fun and the rage these days. the idea is when you are inviting people over, it doesn't have to be a large buffet. keep the plate small and keep it simple and entertain the guests in such a way that you are keeping it interesting by giving smaller bites all the way through. >> what do you have here. >> it is an anchovy butter with a little bit of serrath. and this is a house made, our version of a buffalo style chicken. so what i have here is a little boneless chicken wings we have boned in house and breaded them already. boned and bred them but we stuff them first. a slight little cook for 2 1/2
9:24 am
minutes at a high degree oven. make sure they are cooked through and when they are set and you can pipe where the bone was in to a little bit of glue blue cheese dressing, like dipping a buffalo wing. >> it is more fun to have these, where you new york on this, that and the other thing. >> you can provide a variety of ingredients to guests and they can really kind of appreciate all the different things you can do. in addition to that, i mean the idea is also to take some of the seasonal foods that you may eat this time of the year, particularly with the super bowl. you can take these fun little twists and these are some spins that you can offer to your guests for the super bowl, or super bowl party food in that sense. so, you know, you have a little brown butter. it is like eating a buffalo chicken wing but instead of blue cheese, the blue cheese is already in it. >> and you can eat it with a
9:25 am
fork and knife. >> absolutely. for the super bowl and you are doing small plates i would edge a larger bulk item, something people can snack on while you are slaving away in the kitchen. tell us the other things you made. >> some other stuff here. buffalo chicken wings with shrimp nachos and a shrimp tostadao. a little guacamole and shrimp and a little melon pico degalla. >> so finally, you know, take a little bit of, some stuffed dates. >> glen, we will have to do it after the break. we have to run. we will be back in just a moment. she had breast cancer, whenfirst told us i was scared to death. i thought that i was gonna lose my best friend.
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breaking news to report on the springfield house fire we told you about earlier. the bodies of two men were
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found in the home. we have also learned a firefighter has been transported to the hospital but is expected to be okay. we want to thank jerry for her donation to the foundation for haiti and the next news is at noon.
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